Open to surgical weight loss patients both before and after surgery. Program provides presentations on topics related to nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health, small group discussions and patient journey speakers.

In case of weather cancellations, please call 1.855.792.6258.

Each session discusses a different topic

1/22/19 Weightloss with Lifestyle Changes and Pharmacotherapy
2/20/19 Managing Regain and Plateaus
3/21/19 Exercising Basics and Beyond
4/9/19 "Keep Moving"
5/15/19 Ask the Doc
6/10/19 Dining Out
7/25/19 Staying Motivated
8/13/19Medical Weight Loss
9/12/19 Tips for Changing Eating Behaviors
10/23/19 Ask the Doc
11/26/19 Exercising Safely
12/10/19 Eating on a Budget


Hartford Hosp ERC - Heublein Hall, Edu & Resource Cnt

560 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT 06102


Registration is not required, or only available by phone.

Surgical Weight Loss Support Group (Hartford Hospital Program)


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