Preferred Provider Network


Hartford HealthCare Skilled Nursing Communities

Hartford HealthCare is pleased to announce its skilled nursing Preferred Provider partners. The Preferred Provider Network was developed by Hartford HealthCare to engage with high performing skilled nursing facilities that excel in clinical quality and staffing, and are recognized by the Center for Medicare Services as 3 to 5 Star rated homes.

Hartford HealthCare Preferred Provider Listing* **

The Preferred Provider Network is comprised of 33 Providers that represent a large geographical footprint within Connecticut. Through this partnership, patients can be transitioned to the right place at the right time to ensure the highest quality post-acute care and services.

*This is neither a complete nor exclusive list of all the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities in Connecticut. Should you prefer a different location or require specialty services not offered at these facilities, your care coordinator can provide more options.

**This list was created on 5/12/17 and will be updated in three months. Should you wish to review a facility's quality in real time please visit

Download the Hartford HealthCare Preferred Provider Listing