Memories & More

Memories & More, an initiative of the Hartford HealthCare Senior Services Dementia Committee, is designed to enhance the variety of programs that people with dementia and their care partners and families are able to enjoy together.

The initiative, funded by a Jefferson House grant, encourages:

  • Integration into the community.
  • A sense of normalcy and inclusiveness.
  • A person-centered approach.
  • Enjoyment of cultural and creative arts.
  • Awareness by the larger community.
  • Building partnerships with local arts groups and businesses.
  • Enhancement of the quality of life.


  • Funded by a Jefferson House grant which will support the initiative for two years.
  • Program is free.
  • First program of its kind in Connecticut.
  • Collaborative partnership among Hartford HealthCare Senior Services communities.
  • Although geared to people with dementia, caregivers and loved ones, this will be open to people of all ages and cognitive abilities.

The four components of Memories & More:

  • Music & More
  • Movies & More
  • Museums & More
  • Marketplace & More

Music & More 
Music and More partners with local music and dance schools through attendance at student dress rehearsals. Participants will be able to engage with the director through questions and discussion. How does the music make you feel? Does the music remind you of anything?

Movies & More
Movies and More offers showings of iconic movie and television clips, prompting memories and emotions. Movies & More has been introduced in-house to participants from all Hartford HealthCare Senior Services communities, with great success. What would you do, if you were in this situation? 

Museums & More
Museums and More partners with a local museum where professional docents facilitate a guided museum tour for people with dementia. Discussion centers on the art they are viewing, including the mood it evokes. What do you think this person is thinking about? What do you think lies in the distance?

Marketplace & More
Marketplace and More collaborates with businesses to provide people with dementia and their care partners access to commonplace amenities and services. Events may include poetry readings at a local bookstore, cooking classes at a restaurant, or creative art programs at painting studios.

Impact of Memories & More:

  • Changes the way people with dementia are regarded.
  • Reduces the four A's of Alzheimer’s: Anxiety, Agitation, Aggression and Apathy.
  • Creates greater engagement and ownership of staff.
  • Raises public awareness of the program.
  • Reduces stigmas among participants, care partners and the general public.


Memories & More

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