Mulberry Gardens Celebrates Four Couples on Their Lifetime of Love

Four married couples who live at Mulberry Gardens of Southington were celebrated on Valentine’s Day, recognizing their lifelong love stories reflecting their collective marriages of nearly 240 years. The husbands and wives were treated to a special luncheon beginning with a wine toast and ending with chocolate raspberry mousse. In the private dining room that was decorated with Valentine’s Day-themed table linens, flowers and wedding photos, the husbands also presented their wives with a special love poem and chocolates.

Over lunch they shared their love stories and chatted about their families which include children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Some recently moved to Mulberry Gardens while others have lived for years at the assisted living, memory care and adult day community, located at 58 Mulberry St.

Art and Trudy Main, who celebrated their 70th anniversary in December, met at a dance during World War II. Their passion included traveling throughout the world. Their advice? “Love each other and get along.”

Wendell “Buzz” and Marjorie McKennerney also met at a dinner dance and were married in 1972. They also were avid travelers. Their advice? “Love each other always.”

Tom and Sue Scanlon, married in 1955, were very involved in church activities. They met when he gave a friend, his girlfriend and her sister a ride to Jones Beach in his 1932 Buick. “We’ve been together ever since,” he said. Their advice? “Patience, understanding and communication.”

Tim and Nan Krechevsky met in eighth grade and have been married since 1953. Their advice? “Never go to bed mad.”

Donna Johnson, Mulberry Gardens activities director, said acknowledging milestones is just one way the community celebrates its residents every day. In February 2016, Mulberry Gardens held a vow renewal celebration for residents.

Mulberry Gardens