A Master Gardener Thrives at The Orchards

August 15, 2017

When freestanding plant containers were purchased for the patio at The Orchards, a decision had to be made as to what to plant. We enlisted the help of our residents and one person was very eager to assist.

Rose Coscia, who has been a resident for a few years, volunteered her services. What we didn’t know at the time was that Rose had taken the Master Gardener Program at the University of Connecticut years ago. She completed a 10-week training at UCONN while being instructed on all aspects of gardening from pruning to insect control. At the end of the course one of the tests was that students had to assist gardeners who telephoned the university with plant problems.

Rose successfully completed the course and she loved it! She admits that her love of gardening helped her make the decision to take the course.

When Rose was a child she remembers filling a cheese box with dirt from her yard to grow radishes. She wasn’t too successful with the radishes but that first attempt was all she needed to continue her passion. Soon after, she tried her luck with flowers. She tied string up and down a shed and planted Morning Glory flowers. The flowers took off and flourished. Rose has worked at two local nurseries planting and transplanting flowers and vegetables. She has been a member of the Orchard Valley Garden Club for 25 years and continues to attend their meetings.

As far as our planters here at The Orchards, Rose has planted a variety of flowers and vegetables including peppers, tomatoes and green beans. She gives our plants extra special attention and care with her pruning, feeding and daily watering. Rose is very proud of her gardening skills as we are equally as proud and thankful for all her efforts with our patio garden.

We appreciate her green thumb!

Orchards at Southington