Resident Expo Showcases Talents and More

September 15, 2017

On Sept. 14, 14 Orchards residents proudly shared their crafts, collectibles and talents during The Orchards “Expo Day.” Wow! We are truly blessed with some very talented residents. I would like to recognize and thank the following residents for their amazing talents and abilities, and for their participation in our Expo:

Stacia A.: Stacia arranged a beautiful display of fall and Halloween ceramic pieces she has made over the years. Awesome work, Stacia!

Audrey B.: Audrey had a gorgeous assortment of colored pencil colorings she has been working on for some time. Mandalas, butterflies and birds were just a few of her precise detailed work. Audrey said coloring helps her relax.

Betty B.: Betty had a magnificent display of oil paintings she has done over the years. From a backyard winter scene to a Claude Monet, her work was breathtaking. Thank you for sharing, Betty!

Rose Marie C.: Rose Marie shared a reversible seasonal fall/winter table runner she had sewn. Very clever and beautifully done!

Isabelle D.: Isabelle’s antique collection of miniature doll house furniture and accessories were on display along with magnificent paintings she has done over the years. Thank you for sharing!

Vivian F.: Vivian displayed a collection of stain glass pieces her husband, “Sam,” had crafted as a hobby in their basement over the years. Vivian was proud to share his work including two stain glass crosses for a local church where they lived. Thank you for sharing Sam’s passion with us.

Toni H.: Toni’s love of painting shows in all her work. Her paintings were delicate and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing, Toni!

Sandra I.: Sandy displayed two beautiful colorful needlepoint pillows she made. They were fabulous! Thank you, Sandy.

Joe M.: Joe had a variety of amazing black and white photos he took from various locations in Connecticut, which produced ribbon winnings. Joe’s passion shows in his work. His winter scenes were awesome! Thanks, Joe!

Ann M.: Ann displayed an amazing blanket she had knit. It was huge and one of many she has made. Her children and grandchildren warm up with Ann’s blankets each season. Awesome! Thank you, Ann.

Helen M.: Helen displayed a beautiful multi-colored afghan she made. This was just one of her masterpieces. Great job! Thanks, Helen.

Marie N.: Marie had a variety of Victorian bookmarks that she makes. She finishes each with beautiful satin ribbon. Beautiful and clever! Thanks, Marie.

Deanna S.: A passion for quilting and a master quilter, Deanna displayed a magnificent blue and yellow quilt. She also shared two brightly colored table runners. Amazing! Thank you, Dee.

Theresa V.: Theresa shared two beautiful paintings she had completed depicting delicate winter and spring scenes. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent, Theresa.

Thank you all, for sharing your creativity and talent with us!

Orchards at Southington