Resident Activities

We Celebrate Our Residents Each and Every Day


What Brings You Peace? What Gives You Hope? What Makes You Smile?

For some of us, these questions may be answered with simple things like….listening to the birds, reading a book, helping a friend, or simply spending time with family.

Each individual is a sculpture of their own history and in order to achieve an optimal holistic lifestyle, each individual must have the opportunity to express themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and psychosocially.

Our elder community here at Jerome Home is a source of life to each staff member and to each other. Their history and wisdom are essential to a progressive society and through the Therapeutic Recreation Program – we enable each resident at any stage of life to continue to give and share.

Each resident has the ability to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They should each feel and recognize the importance of their past; and they should continue to feel useful and serve as a vital part of their community.

Our team of committed professionals is ready to take this journey with each and every resident. Come and join us; because living starts new- each day.

Therapeutic Recreation Services – Dedicated to Quality of Life

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