Cedar Mountain Commons | What You Get With Us

Compared to other senior living center we pride ourselves in providing everything we can for our residents in our overall monthly cost. Below is all of the amenities you get included in the total monthly cost at Cedar Mountain Commons.

  • Monthly mortgage or rent
  • Property tax
  • Property insurance
  • Condominium maintenance fee
  • 24-hour security services
  • Meals per day (x) number of days
  • Monthly utilities (electricity, heat, gas, oil and water)
  • Housekeeping services
  • Health monitoring services
  • 24-hour emergency call systems
  • Lawn care/landscaping
  • Home maintenance (snow removal, etc.)
  • Transportation (gas, auto insurance, etc.)
  • Trash removal
  • Exterior building maintenance
  • Plumbing/appliance repairs
  • Social and cultural events
  • Other

Take a Moment to Compare

At Cedar Mountain Commons, residents and their families benefit from something very special - peace of mind.

Our caring team is committed to providing a high level of professional excellence, innovative programs and personal service.

Use our Take a Moment to Compare worksheet to compare your current monthly living expenses with what your living expenses would be at Cedar Mountain Commons.

For monthly rental rates, Independent and Assisted living package details, floor plans and a Take a Moment to Compare Guide, visit us, or call 860.665.7901.

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