Center of Healthy Aging | About

The Hartford HealthCare Center for Healthy Aging is a resource and assessment center designed to make it easier for seniors, their loved ones and caregivers to access essential information and services to attain the optimal quality of life.

Who can benefit from the Center’s services?

  • Older adults -- and their loved ones and caregivers -- who wish to remain as healthy and independent as possible in the most appropriate environment.
  • People who may live far away and need assistance in connecting their aging loved one with services and resources.
  • Anyone confused about how or where to begin navigating the complex maze of health-related information.

Where do I start?

Contact the Hartford HealthCare Center for Healthy Aging (formerly the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging) to speak to a resource coordinator who can provide a free comprehensive assessment of the home. Ideally, assessments should be performed before an injury or illness occurs.

Preparation can bring peace of mind by making a home more comfortable and safe or connecting with essential services. Local resources can include adult day programs, independent and assisted living, long-term skilled nursing centers, housing assistance, food programs such as Meals on Wheels, transportation and much more.