Jefferson House | Before You Arrive

Admission Process
Each applicant for admission is evaluated on an individual basis, and facts such as extent of care needed, length of stay required, room availability, and our ability to meet the patient's individual needs are all considered when assessing individuals for admission.

Bring Your Laptop!
Jefferson House has wireless internet access available to our patients and visitors.

Our Non-Smoking Policy
Jefferson House is concerned not only with the treatment of disease but also with its prevention. It is our responsibility to encourage good health habits for our patients, visitors and employees. Therefore, Jefferson House prohibits smoking in or on its property.

Living Spaces
Living space in the nursing units consists of either private or semi-private (two person) bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. 

Individuals are encouraged to bring in their furnishings which meet standard fire and safety codes. Each unit has its own separate lounge and dining area.


Jefferson House